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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Mar 17, 2023

Let’s be honest here. Do you believe it’s possible to feel motivated 100% of the time?
Well, it’s not. 
And it’s perfectly ok to feel unmotivated with your corporate career sometimes.
It’s a phase, and it will pass.

However, what can you do today to break this recurrent pattern of lacking the fulfilling work you want?
A way out of this discouragement is to engage in a project with something you like and are genuinely interested in.
The idea of working with what we love 100% of the time is not for all of us, in the sense that we don't always get fair remuneration for it.
You can keep your corporate job that pays the bills.
And also, find something that complements you so that you can have that motivated spirit every day!
Take me as a case study.

In 2019 I launched CL4IR as my side project.
I asked in my network who needed help with LinkedIn and CV writing.
(I've been coaching friends and colleagues for 20 years... LinkedIn and CV writing are easy peasy for me.)
I thought I’d get like three people interested.
But I ended up with almost 40!
Had to reorganize my free time to work with all of them.
And I did it, one person at a time.
My corporate job did pay the bills.
But CL4IR made me wake up happy every day.

You are very great, I’m sure you have delivered amazing results in your career.
Don't let anyone say otherwise! Not even yourself!
Let’s rock!

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