Negotiate Your Salary!

Believe me or not, most of the unhappiness found at work derives from a lousy salary negotiation in the beginning when you are still a candidate. After so many tests, interviews, assessments, and case-solving during the hiring process, the candidate’s anxiety levels are up to the top, so basically, it's not a surprise that after receiving an offer, the candidate tends to accept it immediately just as it is, without negotiating anything

I have worked in the finance department for several companies. Let me tell you something. Most large companies have budgets, which means they have ranges for hiring people and usually go for the lower range when making an offer. That's why you have to negotiate, because it may be the case that they are offering you their minimum possible. You don't know, so you accept it. After you join the company, you realize that your colleagues are less qualified or less experienced and earn a little more than you. That is when things start to...

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How To Overcome The Financial Fear of Changing Your Career

This is such a great matter and truly the biggest concern of a career change, especially at the middle-life, which is more or less my current case. My answer is based on 2 pillars: financial planning and purpose.


Pillar Number One, Financial Planning.

Since early childhood, I was taught how to deal with money. My parents had a good economic status, but we were not rich. My father was an executive of a multinational and used to do a monthly family meeting. During those meetings, he would address our balance sheet, cash flow, and even some kind of capital expenditure plan. I remember very well the lessons he and my mother gave me and my sister every time we wanted something. They had a growth mindset and were extremely focused on achieving their dreams. 

The first time I had to deal with a budget was at the age of 9. My sister and I went to Disney World in Florida - it was an international journey since we lived in Brazil at that time. We got a 2,000 dollar budget to...

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