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LinkedIn is a free tool to achieve well-paid jobs, be recognized by your market, 
connect to the right people in your dream companies and leave an intelligent digital footprint.

Even though you know that, you:

  • are rarely called by a recruiter.
  • get less than 50 profile visits every month.
  • think that posting, commenting or interacting at this particular social media seems tricky.
  • feel frustrated after applying online and waiting for never coming feedback.

Those facts are what make you think LinkedIn does not work for you.

The IN-7 Crash Course is a Gamified Program that will take you closer to your career goals. In 7 days you will learn to set up and deploy strategies on LinkedIn and get Fabiana Leal's insights as a Career Strategist. It’s fast-paced and straight-to-the-point.

In 7 days you will:
✔️ Reach the all-star profile category.
✔️ Turn your profile into your sales page.
✔️ Learn how to sell yourself.
✔️ Deploy strategies to reach your career goals.

No excuses! 

By accepting the challenges and delivering the tasks on-time in the first 7-days, you can collect points and earn exclusive prizes.

The top  participant is announced on day 8 (the Final Session) and will be able to redeem his/her prize within 30 days.

FIRST PRIZE: One-to-one 60 minute Online Mentoring Session.

If you have any problems to follow the program, don't worry! The entire materials will be available for 60 days.

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Goal 1

Reach the All-star category.

Goal 2

Turn your profile into your sales page.

Goal 3

Learn how to sell yourself.

Goal 4

Deploy career strategies.  

Meet Your Career Strategist

Fabiana Leal is a career coach and strategist who helps people go from a soul-sucking job to career fulfillment. As the founder of CL4IR, she made the leap to entrepreneurship after a successful 18-year corporate career. Prior to Cl4IR, Fabiana held roles in Projects and Finance in a unicorn fintech as well as large multinational companies and lived in several countries. She has an MBA and, a Master in Human Resources from the Bologna Business School and is a Certified Leader Coach Professional (IAC). Her posts and articles have been viewed by more than 50k people on LinkedIn and she's been featured on Yahoo! Finance as one of the top career coaches to follow in 2020.


Francesco Poletto

HR Generalist

I had the opportunity to participate in Fabiana’s in 7-challenge. Before I did it, I wasn’t really comfortable in the use of LinkedIn, and I expected to learn how to build my profile. But Fabiana did much more in her program, teaching us how to leverage every part of LinkedIn. She made it in a very engaging way, supporting us in every single step. Now I’m more aware of the potential of this tool thanks to Fabiana! I really recommend this experience to everyone.


Danielle Erdmann

Key Account Manager

I participated in the in-7 Challenge carried out by Career Lab and I was very happy with the result obtained and lessons, but mainly with Fabiana´s availability. She was tireless throughout the course. Competent in what she does, he speaks appropriately about the subject and clearly guides all challenges. I have no doubt about her expertise and knowledge about career strategies and the best way to apply it on a daily basis. I recommend her work with my eyes closed. Thank you very much and congratulations. Success to Career Lab.

Priscilla Benatti

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

In view of the new technologies used in the recruitment and selection processes, being able to count on Fabiana's expertise for my career strategy was fundamental. Her direction in the best format for my CV, optimizing the use of LinkedIn, and other career guidelines were essential for me to reposition myself in an increasingly competitive market. I highly recommend Career Lab.


Alessandro Neri

HR Generalist

I participated in the course held by Fabiana "Chaos Navigator" which proved to be really enlightening. Touching on topics such as AI, self development and career strategy was really an interesting experience that I can only recommend. I also had the pleasure to collaborate in various working groups during my experience at Bologna Business School, she has always proved to be a fundamental element.






Jose Munoz

Chief Financial Officer

Fabiana's work at the Chaos navigator course exceeded all my expectations. The course was very easy to follow, encouraging and well-organized. Fabiana mentors in an easy and friendly way the best tools in order to excel in my career development. Thanks Fabiana , let's rock!








Michelangelo Fasi

HR Generalist

I attended one of Fabiana's courses, the Chaos Navigator, a course that starts with personal training and goes on to training in the field of work.
The course is very well structured, supported by documents and PDF templates, a series of very clear videos to support it, and collective video mentoring sessions where all doubts can be resolved.
The added value of this course is the teaching structure. A hybrid structure between given notions, gamification and deductive exercises that will guide you in opening up and developing your potential. The passion that Fabiana puts into these contents make it the definitive product for those looking for a 360° mentor and not someone who sells simple notions.



  • Day 1: Kick-off meeting at a live zoom group session.   
  • Day 2: All-Star profile guidelines. 
  • Day 3: Winning Triad - Headline, About and Skills.  


  • Day 4: Authenticity by showing who you are and what ou do. 
  • Day 5: Reputation by recommendations, endorsements and networking.


  • Day 6: Job seeking hacks. 
  • Day 7: Visibility and engagement. 
  • Final Session:  live questions and answers on zoom session and game winners announcement.



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  • All LinkedIn in-7 Crash Course videos with hours of in-depth step-by-step training, detailed workbooks and homework, podcastable audio lessons, transcripts and printable PDFs (700€ in value).

  • Gamified course with a special prize for number one winner (120€ in value).

  • 2 Online live group mentoring sessions with Fabiana Leal (280€ in value).

  • Bonus 1: Hacks from the Real Recruiter Aline Nesi (70€ in value).

  • Bonus 2: The Perfect Headshot with the International Photographer Susi Baxter-Seitz (30€ in value)

  • Bonus 3: International Career Strategies with the Project Manager Ana Sommer (70€ in value).

  • Bonus 4: LinkedIn secrets to Freelancers and Entrepreneurs (120€ in value).

  • NEW: Access to the self-coaching program Mission Career Shift (697€ in value).

    TOTAL VALUE: 2,087€.

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