Ciao Ciao Impostor on Job Search

Still trying to be perfect? Don’t let the impostor sabotage your career growth any longer. This free retreat will help you get rid of impostor feelings so you can finally feel confident in your job search.

Save the dates: September 6th and 7th on Zoom.

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2 Days and The Mindset Shift You Need to Boost Your Confidence 

DAY 1: September 6th at 3PM (CET)

The Impostormeter 

Take the test and run the ultimate Impostor Check.
Then learn about the 6 most common impostor profiles on a job search.

DAY 2: September 7th at 3PM (CET)

Mindset Shift and Ciao Ciao, Impostor! 

Learn the Blueprint to a successful impostor-free job search.


I'm Fabiana Leal 

After moving with my family to Italy I had to completely reinvent myself and career. I know how tough it is to be in a new country without speaking the language and still wanting to go back to the workforce.

I'm also a recovering impostor - I live in Italy, work in English and pivoted from a successful corporate career in Finance to coaching high-achievers around the globe. 

You're definitely not alone when you read a job post or scroll down your LinkedIn timeline and feel you're never succeeding in your job search.

I felt like that too and now I help women just like you and me, that put their careers on standby to follow their life partner's career growth. You are also worthy and it's absolutely possible to resume your career and find a job that suits your life well. Let's start by feeling more confident about who we are and what we do. It's time to say ciao-ciao, impostor!

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Ciao Ciao Impostor on Job Search

 Get rid of the impostor feelings in 2 days and be open to succeed in your job search.

September 6th and 7th at 3 PM (CET) on Zoom.

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