How To Create Job Leads By Using LinkedIn

Instead of waiting for the perfect job post appear on your feed, why not be proactive and create job leads?

In this video, I use the 5W2H frame and apply it to develop your network on LinkedIn.

Check out my mind map with the summary!

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           •         What: get in touch with people to contribute to their needs. Ask how you can do that before asking for a referral.

           •         Why: Automation increasing in recruiting processes. More than 60% of new jobs are not even posted. Networking is still the best job opportunity generator.

           •         Where: LinkedIn. Filter your connections (hiring managers or recruiters) and reactivate those you...

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7 Ideas for Start Posting on LinkedIn

linkedin Jun 02, 2021

Last week I created a post from my mobile and got the following message on the app:

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That automatically rang a bell. LinkedIn is dying to get your content. Or do you get alarms from other social media to remind you of using them? 

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been career counseling various people from different verticals, professions, education, and social backgrounds. What is their biggest block when it comes to LinkedIn? It’s definitely how to start posting here.

Many find it painful to be active and generating content. Others feel comfortable but have no clue how to start. 

Generating content and engaging in others’ posts may be too overwhelming. Exposing personal opinion, stories, and being open to receiving comments and critique naturally frighten human beings.

In general, this is my perspective for professionals when it comes to content creation on LinkedIn:


Jobseekers: no need to engage here. Work on your all-star profile QUALITY. Remember,...

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5 Ways To Boost Your Networking Skills On LinkedIn

Many of my clients identify networking as being among the opportunities for boosting their careers. I'd say that roughly 80% of them rate their network as weak and blame the quality of their connections as the main reason for not networking with them.

But let's think about it for a minute.

If you recognize that your network is weak, what you could possibly do to improve it?

The answer to that question goes from how to expand your network of connections to how to measure the quality of your network. Then we can start talking about building trust in relationships.

So let me be straight to the point and give you 5 ways to boost your networking skills. All of them are designed to be done by using LinkedIn. After all, we are living in the digital transformation era!  


5 Ways To Boost Your Networking Skills On LinkedIn


1. Keep your profile up to date and your contact details complete.

It seems obvious, I know. But it's common to find people with outdated profiles....

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5 Visibility Tips on LinkedIn

Are you really sure you want to be more visible on LinkedIn?

I'm asking that to you because I've been observing a standard behavior among people who reach me out wanting help to re-brand their professional presence on LinkedIn.

I see super talented and high-achieving professionals looking for external validation and not believing in their potential.

You may be wondering this is too much, right? After all, LinkedIn is just a professional window shop, where you exhibit your work experience and skills and wait to be "bought"by a hiring company.

If you think like that, I partially agree with you. I really think LinkedIn is the place to show off your best talents, professional experience, and, mainly, your public reputation.

But I think there is even more there to be explored. That extra mile is possible to be run, but it will depend on your will to take action and think and move forward by focusing on what you want for your life and career.


5 Visibility Tips on LinkedIn



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