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linkedin Jun 03, 2022
How to increase the probability of your profile visibility in 21x just by optimizing your profile. why your LinkedIn headline must match your goal  What is Search Engine Optimization SEO for LinkedIn How to find the right keywords for your LinkedIn profile Where to use the keywords on your LinkedIn profile  Why you don’t need to post on LinkedIn to call the attention of recruiters and headhunters

So you're just wondering how to get more profile views on LinkedIn, right? Let me walk you through 3 easy steps to double your profile views. And I'm not talking about creating content, don't worry.

When it comes to strategies and tactics I must ask you a very important question:

Why do you want more LinkedIn profile views?

No strategy works without a crystal clear goal. So here are some common goals:

  • Be found by recruiters.
  • Be found by clients.
  • Increase your network.

Take a moment and add clarity to the work we're doing ahead. 

Then make sure you have an all-star profile. This is an automatic classification that LinkedIn attributes to your profile when you reach a certain amount of filled fields. Not rocket science, just need to update as many fields are possible. 

Then apply the three steps I'm about to teach you and track your progress.



The thing is that you want more visibility to your profile, but what are people finding there? 

Don't know if you've ever realized but there are three things that will forever be attached to your activity on LinkedIn.

And they are:

  • Your Photo.
  • Your Name.
  • And Your Headline

Wow, I bet you never thought about that right?

So let's start with your photo. The LinkedIn official blog says that "members with profile photos can receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without profile photos."

Twenty-one times? Oh my God this is pretty fundamental, don't you think?

So add a nice headshot there. And I'm pretty sure your mobile's camera will do the work for it. You don't need a professional headshot.

Then your name. Be sure it's all there since it's important that people that know you can recognize your face and name.

If you're a consultant or coach, you can also add your unique message there.

And the last thing is your headline. 

Use the keywords related to the reason you're on LinkedIn. If you want to be found, you definitely need to use proper keywords there that resonate with your objective. 

No "open to opportunities" there! Please promise me. 

Instead, use job headlines, the same you've been searching and applying for.

By the way, searching job posts is the best way to look for keywords, which leads me to step two.


STEP TWO: SEO Techniques

Ladies, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. LinkedIn is the largest search engine in recruiting. 

So let's fill your Skills, Summary and Work Experience sections with optimized keywords.

Do you want to know the best way to find them?

It's pretty simple and you're probably doing the first thing, which is searching for job openings.

Find at least 3 interesting job posts and dissect the skills and requirements.

Then make a list. Your keywords are there.

Now use them!!

You can add up to 50 skills on your Skills section, go for them. Match your uniqueness to in-demand skills.

Then use and repeat at least 5 of the keywords on your summary and work experience.

Using the right keywords and repeating them on those sections is the ultimate SEO tactic you can apply on LinkedIn.

And what's next?

Now that you have already optimized your profile, it's time to take action.



Are you allergic to creating content on LinkedIn?

Yeah, I totally get that, so that's why I came up with three simple actions that will help you reach your visibility target.

No need to create posts, I promise. The actions I propose here can be done in 10 minutes, so you can do them during your breaks at work.

So let's see them.


Action Step 1: Add at least 2-3 people you know to your connections. Every day. Try this for a week at least.

Action Step 2: Endorse people you know. Elevate someone's ego and call their attention. they may endorse you back, who knows? 

Action Step 3: Comment on thoughtful posts passing on your timeline. It's only a 5-word sentence like This is such a great perspective on ______. It doesn't hurt and the algorithm will reward your activity with visibility to your network.


We, humans, are curious by nature so taking those simple three actions sparkle curiosity across your connections.

And my final recommendation to secure that you're getting more LinkedIn profile views is to measure your actions. 

Write down somewhere how many profile views you have right now. This information is available on your private dashboard when you're viewing your profile. So it's very easy to find it.

Actually, I believe you’re getting much more than doubling your profile views, let me know in the comments where you are right now.

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Let's rock.


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