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How To Create Job Leads By Using LinkedIn

digital job hunting linkedin Jun 09, 2021
How To Create Job Leads

Instead of waiting for the perfect job post to appear on your feed, why not be proactive and create job leads?

In this video, I use the 5W2H frame and apply it to develop your network on LinkedIn.

Check out my mind map with the summary!


           •         What: get in touch with people to contribute to their needs. Ask how you can do that before asking for a referral.

           •         Why: Automation increasing in recruiting processes. More than 60% of new jobs are not even posted. Networking is still the best job opportunity generator.

           •         Where: LinkedIn. Filter your connections (hiring managers or recruiters) and reactivate those you trust could help you reach out to your career goals.

           •         Who: Endorse and give recommendations to people you know. Establish a good rapport.

           •         When: Every day. Networking is about building and nurturing relationships, it’s a recurrent activity.

           •         How much time: At least 15-30 minutes a day. Use your time for contributing and adding value to others.

           •         How: Use LinkedIn’s search engine. Find your interesting 1st-degree connections. Then search their 1st-degree connections. Never ask someone you don’t know to refer you.

Good people know good people. A referral can be life-changing for those who are job seeking. I hope you get some insights into your reality.

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Be safe and let's rock 🤘🏽


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