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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Jan 05, 2024

Can’t say how many times I’ve heard people saying, “love your energy,” “You look so colorful,” or “Your optimism is contagious.”
Of course, I’m not in my happy rainbow mood every day.
But it’s possible to shift your energy when you’re in a funk.

Once in my corporate career, I changed jobs and had a terrible time adapting to the new environment.
The job was soul-sucking, and co-workers were like vampires.
I realized if I did nothing, I was going to be depressed in a minute.
So I enrolled in a self-development 1-year course with monthly retreats.

I took a look at the program schedule and thought it’d be impossible to complete the course in the second half of that year. 
Because my financial closing schedule at work was exactly on the same weekends.
But I really didn’t overthink. I just knew I had to take care of myself and find a way to recharge my energy, completely out of the corporate environment.

And so I did it.
I was the only corporate career person in the course.
All the others were yoga teachers, meditation gurus, or psychologists.
And then me, the non-vegetarian self-development ignorant.

Well, this course was fundamental to my personal growth.
And when it comes to career growth, it was there when I started to remember who I was.
And how important it is to me to feed my spiritual body with what I believe is fun for me.

So if you’re struggling to find a purposeful career, start by answering this question:
”What would be the most fun thing I could do with my life?”

Oh, and are you curious to know how I was able to finish the 1-year self-development program?
What magically happened was that the company I worked for changed the financial reporting schedule for the first time in 50 years!
So there were no conflicts between my work schedule and the course 🥳
Just as magic…

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