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Do Hiring Managers Read Cover Letters?

weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Sep 22, 2023

 Last week I published a job opening for a position in my business on a specific freelancer’s platform.
I received about 50 applicants in 24 hours.
Phew! That was totally unexpected.

Since I’m a career coach and walk my talk, I decided to read all the applications.
The ones that were NOT shortlisted were those who:

🚩 Reached out by email, trying to get my attention out of the platform.
🚩 Gave me obvious templatized solutions (even though I never asked on the job opening that they should send me project drafts beforehand). Yek!
🚩 Copied and pasted existing cover letters that didn’t make any sense to the job opening.

On the other hand, the ones who were shortlisted:
💜 Personalized their cover letter when answering my job post.
💜 Were objective and clear in their messages.
💜 Ran the extra mile and provided constructive feedback, personalized videos, or even cited some of my published content pieces.

Do you see the difference there?
Your job application is eliminated from the selection process because it lacks authenticity!
And there is no better way to show who you are and what you’re good at than writing a cover letter.
A narrative powered up with storytelling boosts your chances of getting to a job interview.

According to my client and friend Ana Rocha, Executive Director:
”Hiring managers read cover letters. 
When I am recruiting, I always read the cover letters.
I find it the most interesting way to get close to the candidate and have a glimpse of the candidate’s personality.
CVs are often boring as very few people write CVs that go beyond formalities.
Cover letters, on the other hand, give a candidate a chance to express themselves."
Ana nailed the objective of a cover letter: to generate proximity with who is reading it.

And this is possible when you use storytelling in your cover letter.

Let’s rock.



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