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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Oct 27, 2023

She speaks four languages and has two bachelor’s and one master’s degree, but when we met, her LinkedIn was a disaster.
And the first problem was a missing headshot.
(A profile without a headshot is not giving you the visibility you want.)
Her problem was a wrong belief.

She thought she needed to hire a professional photographer to take her headshot.
Oh gosh, this is just so wrong on so many levels.
If you feel the same, you’re not alone.
I used to think like that too.

But the truth is your mobile camera may take high-quality photos. 
You really don’t need perfection.
Or Photoshop.
Because people connect to people.

And the best way to be authentic is to show yourself without trying to be perfect.
A strong personal brand is built with an external image that reflects what is inside you.
If you’re pursuing perfection all the time and probably burning out on your way, I have some news for you.

People will like you because of your imperfections or goofiness. 
Some weeks ago, I went on a job interview.
I did my diligence and researched the interviewer.
It means I googled the person.
And found a funny story on their LinkedIn About.
So when we met at that job interview, I started the conversation by pulling out that story.

Instant icebreaker.
So sometimes, you’re stuck in your career growth just because you’re afraid of what others will think about you if you show your B-side in a professional context.
So, what are you afraid of showing off?
It’s LinkedIn visibility time!

Let’s rock.

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