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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Oct 20, 2023

If I google you, what am I going to find out?
Well, you may not know, but there is a high chance your LinkedIn profile will rank up on the first page of search results.(this is why LinkedIn is a powerful career branding tool)

And don’t fool yourself.
Even if you don’t have social media or a digital presence…
People google your name already!
Even if you’re not job hunting.

Let me give you potential contexts of when they look for your digital footprint:
• After meeting at a networking event.
• A potential client that wants to know more about your authority and, why not, reputation.
• Your neighbor that wants to find out what you do for a living!

Quite plausible possibilities, right?

Well, now that you are aware of how impactful your digital footage can be, it’s time to work on your Unique Value Proposition.

This is how you’ll leave a very good first impression for whoever googles your name.
It’s about saying very clearly who you are and what are your special spices to do what you’re best at.
Sounds good?

In practical terms, your UVP is a short summary of your professional identity with a focus on your mission.

Here is one example:
I’m a Customer Service Specialist in a mission to enchant customers and keep them satisfied.
Now it’s your turn!
I’m curious to know the outcome. Hit reply if you want me to see it.

Let’s rock.

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