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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Oct 13, 2023

You know how competitive the job market is nowadays.
Things that used to be a guarantee for a successful career in the past are not working anymore.
For example, a university degree is no longer a synonym for a stable job.
I’m not saying that studying is not essential.

Maybe it’s time to shift how you see yourself and your career.
I want you to open your eyes to the fact that lifelong learning will keep your career on track.
It means that from now on, in the digital transformation era, you must be open to learning new skills and using them daily.
But what about your value in the job market?

When it comes to career branding, the first component of a solid personal brand is authenticity.
And luckily, nowadays, you can build authenticity in and outside your office walls.
As a Career Coach, I’ve worked with brilliant professionals and true leaders in their fields.
Some of them even phDs.

And there is a repeating pattern I see in highly qualified people.
An enormous difficulty in acknowledging how great they are.
Well, I don’t know if this is you.

But it's time to work on your personal brand if you feel like you need help with writing your CV or being more visible on LinkedIn.
You know how important it is to your career growth to be active and visible.
But you are not your profession.
Because of the fast technological changes, you may change your career path in the upcoming years.

So now is the right time to build your true identity based on your values, not your profession.
This is how you’ll differentiate yourself from others in your industry through your brand.
And achieve your mid-career goals.

Let’s rock.

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