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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Aug 11, 2023

This is a very alternative way to talk to you about money. And a kind of a spoiler about Cinderella, the movie.

Last Saturday I was with my family watching Cinderella. The first one, from 1950.

In her very first lines, Cinderella says to the little birds that come to wake her up: “… you can’t tell a wish, if you tell, it won’t come true.” 

Fast forward to 2022.

Cinderella has a corporate career and is dreaming about getting that raise. She knows she delivers the results. She wanna grow, but she doesn’t know how to talk about money. Because, someone once told her “you don’t talk about how much you wanna earn to other people, it’s impolite”.

Dear Cinderellas out there, women not talking about what they wish and especially when it comes to money is the number one reason for the gender pay gap. 

So how to find out your salary expectation, especially when job searching?

Well, if you’re in Europe I’m going to tell you a secret.

Austrian employers are obliged to publish the minimum wage for job opportunities. And this amount varies according to the collective agreement of that company.

So if you want to have a smell of your salary expectation in Europe, pay attention to job openings coming from Austria. Then do your diligence to ASK for what resonates with you. (I know salaries vary a lot in the EU, this is why you should do the research as well)

Did you know this secret? 

Let’s rock, Cinderella.



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