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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Feb 23, 2024

Did you know that finding effective strategies to grow and stand out can be a game-changer for your career?
I have a cool story to share about navigating a competitive work environment with some simple yet awesome tactics.

Once, I was about to meet the big boss for a budget meeting – the company president!
He was this busy and seemingly cold guy.
While waiting, I couldn't help but notice management, personal development, and high-performance books on his desk.
It was intriguing!

So, I sneaked a peek at the titles and decided to buy them later.
(By then, I was too introverted to ask him if I could borrow his books…)
After reading those books, at some point, I finally had the chance to chat with the president about them.
And guess what?
He was totally impressed that I took the time to dive into the same stuff he's into. That little move helped me demonstrate my analytical skills and genuine curiosity.

So, here's the deal  – sometimes, you don't need fancy courses or a Ph.D. to shine at work.
Just observe and connect with people around you.
Ask simple questions like, "What are you reading?" and show interest in their passions. It can create amazing opportunities to prove your worth and grow your career.

If you want more tips on thriving in a competitive workplace or rock your career journey, let's catch up!

Let's rock.

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