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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Apr 14, 2023

Do you know that Netflix series Maid?
In the last episode, she teaches a writing exercise that I decided to try out:
Write about the happiest day of your life.
It took me days to get through it.
Because I wanted to remember one day of my own, without anyone else, without putting my happiness on someone else.

So it was damn hard. And Instead of one day, I remembered moments.
And in all those moments, I danced.
I realized this connection, a recurrent pattern of my happiest moments and dance.
And don't assume that I came with the samba chip incorporated because I'm Brazilian!
I never took a dance course seriously (actually, I took only one course because of my wedding 😅).
Dancing for me was going out to clubs and enjoying.
Like there was no tomorrow, actually 💃🏽

And at some point, I decided to quit dancing.
It faded away, forgotten, vanished.
But now, very close to my birthday, I remembered this part of me.
The silly joy of dancing.

And I'm back to incorporating what makes me happy into my routine.
I dance alone, I dance with my daughters, and want to start Zumba classes at the gym club…
Because I also decided that I don't need to spend any extra money to bring happiness back to my life.
I started to remember who I am.
I made some weird choices in the past, which I honor. But today, they no longer resonate with what I want from now on.

It seems silly, right?
But I'm shifting, right here, right now.
Even if midlife brings on extra complications to your path, look for ways of finding your center, and recalculating your route.
You're definitely not alone in chaos. Even if you got all you wanted so far, it's ok to honor them and move forward.

Past choices don't need to become permanent.
So, I wanna know: What happened on the happiest day of your life?
Just hit reply and tell me more about that day!

Let's rock.


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