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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Sep 15, 2023

To be very honest, I spent most part of my life being skeptical about stuff that couldn’t be rationally explained.
Maybe you don’t know, but I started my career in Engineering.
Although it didn’t last long, it was enough to reinforce my strong belief in reasoning all aspects of life.
Even the ones that should not be reasoned. 

I used to think that all life happenings could be simply explained by “it is what it is.”
Now here I am, at 42, ready to tell you about things I cannot explain.
Like the interference of Moon phases in my woman’s cycle.

Last year I decided to start journaling and track how I felt during my cycles.
It was a complete disaster.
I love journaling, and I do it every day. 
But putting a method into something I do for pleasure killed my curiosity.
Then I decided to try again this year. I want to invite you to start journaling.
Because it simply changed my life.

You don’t need to track Moon phases if you don't want, though.
I guarantee you that I became a better person because of journaling.
Writing about your emotions and feelings is the ultimate tool you need even to write professionally, as I do.

Because you kind of get good at telling stories with emotion.
Now when it comes to your future employability, I must warn you: storytelling and authenticity are invincible strategies.

Let me tell you why writing a cover letter is so important.
Research says that only 38% of candidates write one when applying online, even if it’s required by the job poster.
Conversely, about 80% of hiring managers are dying to read a great cover letter.
And do you know why?

Because your CV may be templatized, and ordinary.
But an authentic cover letter with your unique story and value is unbeatable.
Think that a hiring manager reads dozens of CVs when recruiting.
If a cover letter with an impactful story arrives on their screen, it’ll grab their attention. 

The last cover letter I wrote got a woman in the USA to her first job interview in 20 years.
You have my permission to steal my Perfect Cover Letter Formula.
And even more, I will show you this cover letter as an example.
Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, it’s time to update that old, boring cover letter. 

Let’s rock.


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