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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom May 26, 2023

So many things can trigger rudeness in a job search. How to stand out and be pleasant and educated requires a few things.
But before walking you through three action steps, let’s get a bit of context here.
A recent survey from Korn Ferry showed that 59% of respondents found their colleagues ruder after the pandemic.
I could list many reasons why people are rude at the workplace. But this is not my point today.
I want you to think through this data. 

Imagine a recruiter who is constantly under pressure and getting rudeness from hiring managers and colleagues.
While you, as a candidate, want to get through the job interview phase as quickly as possible.
On the one hand, you are anxious. On the other, they are emotionally exhausted.
It’s a hell of a combination, isn’t it?

Instead of showing your anxiety and how knows, also insecurities, be assertive, use some etiquette and good manners!
This is how you’ll stand out in any recruiting process:

Step One 
Every time you have an opportunity to ask anything about a position, the company, its strategy, or any other key information, just go for it!
The best performance in job interviews comes from genuinely curious people who show interest in the interviewer, the role, and the work itself.

Step Two
Again this is something that only a few people remember doing. Actually, the major part of job candidates does not even consider this as a possibility!
So instead of waiting to be contacted by a recruiter after a job interview, align follow-up dates and deadlines before finishing the interview.
This is a well-educated way to tell them you’re going to follow up about this position in the coming weeks.
I’m pretty sure you won’t feel all over the place if you are aligned with the recruiters about your future follow-ups!

Step Three
No, it’s not old-fashioned to write a thank you note. In fact, only a few people do it.
So right after a job interview, write a few sentences to show the people who interviewed you how you appreciated their time.
That’s it, this is not the time to try to sell them anything else about you!

Now tell me about you. Do you usually follow those steps when interviewing for a job?

There are several other tactics when it comes to nailing a job interview. There is a HUGE difference between prepared candidates and those who hesitate and are nervous about job interviews. You can choose which one you could be... Book your interview preparation session now and get ready for the job offer! 

Clients who I coached said:
”It was great talking to you right before the job interview. I didn’t feel anxious during the real interview.” Digital Marketing Manager, England.
”You asked me exactly what they asked on the job interview. Unbelievable!” Corporate Counsellor, Brazil.
”After so many months on a career break, the job interview simulation gave me the confidence to talk about myself.” PR Manager, Italy.

Book your session now and get job offers! 

Let’s rock.

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