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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Sep 01, 2023

So you’re thinking about applying for a remote job and restarting your career? Remote jobs are becoming more common in Europe and for many of us, international women, this can be *the chance* of getting back into the job market. 👩🏻‍💻

Think about your past work experience and what skills you have built so far after relocating to a new country. 🤔

There are companies that will value them.

But you need to be prepared to work remotely. And how?

Well, I made that leap in 2020 when pivoted from a corporate career to becoming an independent consultant.

There are several pros and cons of working remotely, and I want to share some of my habits that made working remotely possible, even with 2 small kids and in a new country.

Here are 17 hacks for organising yourself to start working remotely:
(And how I implement them in my life every day)

1. Create a work schedule. (Kids at school = office hours)
2. Plan out your tasks. (3 goals a day written in pencil on a desk planner, I love crossing them when I get them done)
3. Set rules for your household. (Ignore the dirty floor for a while) 
4. Limit distractions (work in sprints).
5. Turn off notifications (use the do not disturb mode, don’t get even phone calls).
6. Make a work-friendly space. (Beautiful furniture, sightseeing, and greenish space) 
7. Clean outside of work hours. (no laundry or dish washing during office hours, the house won’t explode, and everything can be done in the evening).
8. Keep a tidy desk.(minimalist here, only the essentials, water, and a beautiful plant).
9. Separate workspaces from family spaces. (No toys in the home office area)
10. Find a planner that works for you. (Mine is from TIPI studio and I love it)
11. Use noise-canceling headphones. (The best acquisition ever)
12. Listen to music. (It works out as a good work companion)
13. Prioritize your work. (Set boundaries about your time)
14. Set aside breaks for yourself. (Use the Pomodoro technique and stop to stretch yourself every 5’)
15. Start meal prepping. (Think about meals beforehand so you don’t lose time in preparation and thinking)
16. Get ready for your day. (Self-care is a must, the morning miracle is real)
17. Focus on one task at a time. (Otherwise, you burn out pretty fast)

I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to find high-level remote jobs in Europe, even if you have been out of the work market for a while.

Let's rock 🤘🏽



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