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job hunting strategies mid-career growth show Aug 05, 2022

Do you worry whether is a good idea to attach recommendation letters to your job applications?

Well, if you’re into health care, NGO, and other industries it is very important to present recommendation letters with your job application.

But when it comes to the corporate world, it depends. When applying online, if the job application form has a field to add multiple files, go for it! Attach everything that you have - cover letter, CV, certifications, recommendation letters.

If you’re not online but applying directly to a position using a referral (meaning you’re sending an email to a real person), you definitely should attach a recommendation letter. This is a way that people who will read your application can know more about your professional track record.

A recommendation letter can be powerful, but a cover letter can have even a stronger effect on a job application.

A modern approach to reinforce your authority and track record is to make recommendations visible to everyone on LinkedIn. So ask former colleagues and managers to recommend you on LinkedIn. (and your LinkedIn profile has a button where you can switch on/off the received recommendations)

And the last piece of advice: if you’re a woman with a gap on your CV, such as extended maternity leave, expatriation to a new country, etc, be careful with the date of the recommendation letter you have. If it’s been some years since the person wrote it for you, it’s worth to reach them and asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn or a new letter.

In this video you’ll learn:
• When should you use a recommendation letter.
• If a recommendation letter is useful.
• Whether it is worthy to use a recommendation letter.
• Should I attach a recommendation letter to my CV.
• Is it important to add a recommendation letter to an online job application.
• Recommendation letter vs work experience CV gap.
• What files to attach to an online job application form.

Let’s rock. 🤘🏽

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