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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Dec 15, 2023

Career growth is no longer solely dependent on your individual skills and accomplishments. 
It is increasingly influenced by the strength and breadth of your professional network. 
By nurturing genuine relationships with colleagues, industry peers, and mentors, you can gain access to a wider range of career opportunities, collaboration prospects, and invaluable advice. 

Networking also plays a pivotal role in your personal branding, as a strong network can vouch for your expertise, reliability, and professionalism. 
In today's competitive job market, it is essential for you to recognize that networking is not an optional extra but a strategic necessity for career advancement.
But how to start networking if you associate it with schmoozing and self-promotion?

Well, I’d say you need a major mindset shift.
Let me illustrate with a practical example.
Last week I was working on a client case, a challenging one because of some complications.

Gen wants a new job in a new country. She doesn’t speak the destination country’s language but is determined to find a company that suits well who she is and what she can do.
She doesn’t know anyone in the target company.

Well, she didn’t.
I activated my network in different industries and countries, and within a couple of hours, Gen had an informative interview with a Director in the target company.
This is it.

Gen is a highly-qualified and experienced professional who is not only currently employed but also in a prestigious company.
Even though she had all odds to thrive just by applying online, it didn’t happen as we had planned.

Her game is changing because people know people.
And she is fully prepared with a CV that sells her best skills and a LinkedIn profile that she is proud to showcase.
Then there is no space for self-doubt.

Now tell me, on a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your networking skills?
What if you could have a team working on the background with you on your job-hunting strategies?
Well, this is what I do best!

Just tell me more about your goals, and we’ll figure out the best job-hunting strategy for you.

Let’s rock.


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