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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Nov 10, 2023

I started creating content on LinkedIn in July 2019.
I had a full-time job, and CL4IR was my hustle project.
The reason why I wrote my first post was that I wanted to share all the insights I had while helping people with CV writing and LinkedIn optimization.

I did not have a career consulting practice at that time.
Well, to be honest, I didn’t even know that there was a profession aligned with what I had been doing at CL4IR.
But anyway, my point here is how I felt when I was thinking about posting.
Because you may feel the same way too.
It was scary.
I could list several reasons why, but the biggest one was getting visible to my network (about 20% of today’s size).
I feared being exposed, making mistakes, and being judged.

So, I feared everything.
Until I started receiving feedback that my posts were interesting.
(OMG, people like what I’m doing?)
Then I felt overwhelmed and worried about how I could come up with original content.
The truth is it took me a couple of years to overcome all my inner bs excuses.
And everything changed when I started taking imperfect consistent actions focused on the people I wanted to help, to inspire.

So if you fear others’ opinions when you post something on LinkedIn, think that there will be someone that will enjoy it.
I think the wildest feedback I have received so far from a follower was when she told me she got a job because of one of my posts.
Imagine if I never wrote that post...

Well, now it’s your time.
How can you inspire your network today?

Let’s rock.

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