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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Aug 25, 2023

9 out of 10 of the international women I talk to every week tell me they hate LinkedIn. And the reason is pretty simple.

Social media triggers many negative feelings. And when it comes to LinkedIn, those negative feelings (like sadness, inferiority, anger, etc.) become associated with career success and advancement.

It’s like you’re not worthy or that you’re always missing something. And whoever else is doing better than you without many efforts.

Well, I know it sucks to feel like this.

Let’s dig into this issue a little bit.

According to the Operant Conditioning Theory, humans learn to behave in such a way as to obtain rewards and avoid punishments.

All in all, if LinkedIn is triggering negative feelings and emotions in you, it means you are not being rewarded and therefore, you avoid taking ANY action, even the ones you know would make you closer to your career goal.

And how to revert the negativeness into positiveness?

Here is some actionable advice:

- Delete the app on your phone; instead of checking it several times a day, use it on your computer for the amount of time that is sufficient to work on your career development.

- If you want to keep the app on your phone, disable all notifications and emails; set a day and time on your calendar to read messages.

- Focus on your goal when using LinkedIn; invest time in building connections, talking to people you know and consuming high-quality content.

Although I agree that the quality of content on LinkedIn has declined over the past year, I also think it is in our hands to choose what we want to consume.

Use it smartly and upgrade your career!

Let’s rock.



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