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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Mar 29, 2024

Stumbling over the question of salary expectations during job interviews?
If you're unsure about your worth in the job market, you're not alone.
I recently worked with a talented software developer who felt uncertain when asked about salary expectations.
She realized she wasn't paying much attention to her paychecks, and that got me thinking – do you regularly open yours?

If you're not keeping an eye on your pay stubs or even your retirement plan, it might be a signal that personal finance isn't your top priority.
But here's the thing, there's a difference between compensation and salary. Compensation covers the entire package!
So next time someone asks you about your salary expectations, answer back with your compensation expectations.

In my client's case, a significant portion of her income came from variable compensation, and she wasn't quite sure how to quantify it.
As I coached her for an upcoming job interview, she had an eye-opening realization – her total compensation exceeded her goal for her next job.
I've always had a knack for numbers and financial control, stemming from my days as a financial controller with an MBA.

But I know Finance doesn't come natural to everyone.
If you find yourself struggling to put a number on your value, maybe it's time to start tracking how much you're already making in your current role.
Money talk can be tough, right? In my client's case, we've been working on dismantling some limiting beliefs around money – those money blocks.

Perhaps deep down, she didn't truly believe in her own value.
But when we crunched the numbers together, she was astonished at what she was bringing in.

The result? She walked into that interview fully prepared, including confidently discussing her compensation expectations.
And guess what? She landed the job offer!

Let's rock.

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