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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Apr 21, 2023

Once a life coach asked me what made me happy.
My first response was, “I’m happy when my family is happy.” And obviously, that was a superficial answer.
It took me months to figure out what made me happy, and I have to say it’s a work in progress!

Dr. Brené Brown once said that we learn to shut down in adolescence.
Then in midlife, we start realizing that to evolve and be better for our kids and ourselves, we must open each one of the doors we shut down in our past.
To be honest, this is the best psychological explanation of inner chaos in midlife I’ve studied so far!
The pursuit of pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment in your 40s has much to do with your choices.
In midlife, you realize that many of those choices are not that good anymore.
Then you feel lost in the chaos.
And there is no turning back because now you already have the aha or realization to do the work.

Awakening is a blessing from the universe and all the goddesses that made us women.
Now from the practical point of view, it’s time to materialize thoughts!
The courage you’re waiting for to make the change from ordinary to extraordinary comes with action.
A couple of weeks ago, I heard from a client who decided to end a career break: “I want a new job so I can recover my self-esteem.”

So, what is wrong with this statement? (hit reply and give me your perspective)
My story is very similar to this woman’s.
I also put my career on hold more than once because I thought it was necessary to make the ones I love happy.

Now I see that putting my career on hold brought me sadness and the feeling I was not good enough to do it all.
And do you know why?
Because I was behaving like the ordinary person I’ve never been!
You don’t need to go through your inner chaos alone.
We can do this together, only you and I hyperfocused on your mid-career growth.

Let’s rock.


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