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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom Jun 16, 2023

In my professional journey, both in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, I had very few examples of women in high positions with children.
Thank God this has significantly changed, especially in the last few years.
I have clients who live exactly this reality - and constant struggle - of reconciling career growth with motherhood.

I have two daughters, ages 6 (Lis) and 8 (Malu), and I live on this mission of raising human beings while pursuing my professional development and growth.
My turning point happened when I understood and internalized that it is okay to have help.
I resisted accepting that I needed help, especially with household chores. Much of this concerns the lack of representation of women mothers as heads of businesses.

I thought I had to be the best mother, the best professional, the best wife all the time. The wonder woman indeed. I was very wrong for at least six years until I realized that delegating, getting help, and having a good support network are key. I don't need to pause my career to raise Lis and Malu. Not anymore.
As they say, "it takes a whole village to raise children."

And if you allow me, I'll leave some words of wisdom from Luiza Helena Trajano. One of the most admired female leaders in retail, Luiza transformed her family business into an empire and was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. She is a billionaire, a mom, an executive, and above all, a compassionate human who is not afraid to use her sensibility in business decisions.
"Start by doing what is necessary. Then do the possible, and suddenly you'll be doing the impossible."

The best mother for Lis and Malu (or Manuela, Miguel, Alexia, Gabriel - name or kid!) is a light, imperfect and accomplished woman.
I think you already are that!
If you have some time this week, I'd love to call you to understand your plight better and connect you with amazing women who are living proof that everything is figureoutable.
You're not alone.

Let's rock.


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