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weekly pill of mid-career growth wisdom May 05, 2023

So you’re job hunting and can’t stand filling in online applications? 
You’re definitely not alone. Actually, 92% of applicants never finish their forms!! 
There is something broke in recruitment…

But I’m on your side. I agree that some employers ask too many questions, and sometimes their job applications seem a waste of time.
It could easily take up to 3 hours of your day just to go through one simple job application.
If you’re employed, I’m pretty sure you don’t have 3 hours a day to invest in filling in endless forms. And in your free time, you’d rather play with your kids or have your nails done.

So what to do then?
Here are the three winning strategies I use with my clients:
👉🏽 Action Step One
Targeted Job Search. Define exactly which companies you want to work for and monitor their job openings while expanding your network. LinkedIn is perfect for that!
👉🏽 Action Step Two
Customize your CV and CL. Instead of spraying your CV all over job applications, stick to your list of targeted employers and customize your CV and Cover Letter when applying for a position. Customization means using the same words or synonyms as on job posts, always tying out requirements to your competencies and past results.
👉🏽 Action Step Three
Network with Potential Employers. Attend targeted companies’ events, like and comment on their posts across social media, and be creative to call their attention - especially if they are hiring in your field!
And on top of all that, track your job search by using free tools such as Notion. This is the one I use with my 1:1 clients!

By the way, I’m here to save you time and eliminate the stress of job hunting. Regain your confidence after so many automatic rejections to land your dream job! This is how you'll meet financial freedom again! 
🗳 Now I wanna know, what is the worst field to fill in a job application? 🗳 
1. Salary Requirements.
2. Write about your motivation for that job.
3. Other (specify).
Just hit reply with 1, 2 or 3! Let me know your struggle!!

Let’s rock!

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