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Tie out your core competencies to in-demand skills.


Revamp your past deliveries into quantifiable results.


Use your past and current experience to get a job offer.


Align results with what recruiters are looking for.


Anchor your CV to work as your sales letter, not a catalog.

Rewrite your professional story and be ready to get job offers!

These are some of the learning points included in this FREE SmartCV® Builder:

  • Essential data you MUST have on your CV and what can be discarded.
  • How to craft the perfect headline.
  • Hook up your reader by writing an ATS-optimized summary.
  • Connect in-demand skills to your core competencies.
  • Keep your work experience based on results.

I (Fabiana Leal) have read hundreds of CVs from high-flying international women in the past years. All of them did not show the value those ladies had. Seeing all of that made me decide to give away one of my most special gifts: the art of CV writing.

I remembered the time I worked in Corporate Finance as a controller and was just clueless about where to start when updating my CV. I've learned so much cool stuff, which made me perfect my signature method for CV writing.

I call it SmartCV® writing, and do you know why?

There is no prize for the best-written CV. You just need to be good enough to stand out in any corporate sourcing process.


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