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Hi, I’m Fabiana Leal a former Finance Executive who is now teaching expat women how to convert job applications into job offers.

My career path is nothing but ordinary. After 15+ years of working side by side with board members, C-levels, and Senior Managers in 7 multinationals across continents, I know how they think and make decisions.

I was hired by them multiple times, I helped them hire teams and as a Mid-Career Designer I’ve helped 100 international people:
↗ Get a 50% pay raise.
↗ Land a job and earn 60k€ in a new country.
↗ And even receiving 3 job offers in the same week.

The great discovery I made is that a clear goal is the main driver of a successful career. There is no more time to lose in figuring out what to do next.
Confidence comes with action, and this is how I can help you.
My signature method Career Strategies is a precise action plan on how to convert job applications into job offers.

It's your choice and you're ready to grow!

You have been working for 15+ years and want to find more work-life balance

You discovered there is much more out there than working overtime every day.

You want professional recognition and visibility to the higher management. 

You're ready to rise up to the next level and earn a great salary that provides financial freedom.

You love what you do and want to be challenged and involved in innovative and impactful projects from scratch.

You want to live a high-level legacy career.

You don't have more time to lose in a job you don't like anymore.

But right now, this is exactly how you feel: 


  • Stuck;
  • Underpaid;
  • Overloaded with work;
  • Too old to pursue a mid-career growth;
  • Invisible to those who should be noticing your performance;
  • Rejected by every job application you've been doing.
This is about to change!


As an intelligent and highly-educated international woman who is a high achiever at work, you know there is much more in life than working for a paycheck…

It's your time to get what you want!

Let's get the job you deserve and the salary you're worth!

Raise your bar and be strategic about your career. 
Join a new global community of international women.



In only 4 weeks, the Career Strategies Course raises your bar and enables you to be more strategic about your career. Plus, we meet live monthly to discuss your next steps at dynamic Roundtables.

This is the course and community that have everything you need to be accountable for your next moves!

It is a complete journey across your past, present, and future career design:

↗ Acknowledging who you really are and your unique strengths are the starting points to strategize the path ahead of you. 

↗ Diving in your past and measuring your best results add loads of confidence to pursue your dream mid-career growth.

↗ Then you become accountable for your next steps towards a clear pathway, with a complete toolbox to design your growth.

↗ This is how you will be employable and thrive in the digital transformation era!

Here is what is included in the Career Strategies Course:

Week One


Start by setting your career goals. This is fundamental to any strategic action.

  • 12-month goal setting;
  • Strengths finder test;  
  • SWOT analysis; 
  • Your Measurable Results;
  • Your Core Competencies. 

Week Two

LinkedIn Revamp.

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and be visible to recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Follow strategic actions to expand and use your network;
  • Build your professional reputation with integrity and seriousness;
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques;
  • Learn how to job hunt in a quiet mode without raising the attention of your current employer.

Week Three

SmartCV® Writing.

My signature method for CV writing that transform your boring and task-oriented CV into an impactful, result-oriented SmartCV®.

  • Specific: Tie out your core competencies to in-demand skills.
  • Measurable: Revamp your past deliveries into quantifiable results.
  • Achievable: Use your past and current work experience to get the job you want.
  • Relevant: Align your strengths, core competencies, and measurable results to what recruiters are looking for.
  • Time-Based: Achieve your mid-career goals by anchoring your SmartCV® to work as your sales letter, not as a mere collection of tasks.

Week Four

Job Hunting Strategies.

Enough of sitting and waiting to be recognized. Gain the confidence you need to ask what you want and earn more money by selling yourself better at the job market.

  • Salary Negotiation Mastery: Never again accepting what's been offered. Negotiate every detail on your next job or promotion. Let's narrow that gender pay gap! 
  • The Perfect Cover Letter: Be authentic, tell your true story and link it to what companies want.
  • Job Interview Preparation: Nervous in job interviews? Not anymore. Kick out the anxiety and get incredible insights and inspiration to be proactive the next time.
  • Video CV Secrets. Lose perfectionism and record your straightforward video CV.
  • Email Templates: Improve your communication skills by using killing templates in your job hunting phase. You're too great to be forgotten by recruiters and hiring managers.


  • 12-month access in a dedicated platform. You can download all the materials, and watch the lessons from any device by downloading the app.

The content of each module is pre-recorded and released every week, so at the end of week 4, you get everything you need to connect your best skills to what is in demand for your professional role.

There is absolutely no rush, take your time to complete the course, since you have lifetime access to it.

And every month we meet on a group live roundtable to discuss actions and strategies. You're not alone! This is the safest space for your mid-career growth!

Here are some highlights of what we'll cover throughout our journey together:


🟣 Clarity to your career goals, strengths, and how to improve your long-term professional development that allow you to grow with confidence.

🟣 Strategize the path ahead of you by taking your career as an important part of who you are.

🟣 Get a direction to a clear pathway, win all obstacles, negotiate a better salary and land your dream job.

🟣 Add loads of confidence to pursue your forgotten dreams by beating algorithms and improving your networking skills to pass online job applications.

🟣 Shift your mindset, professional habits and take the risk to quit your 10+ year job to take in a new challenge.

🟣 Make connections between your skills and full potential by emphasizing what you have best.

🟣 Find human-centric support for your career growth and save time, money, and energy in the process. You're not alone anymore!

And so much more!

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Check out some of the amazing results my clients had by applying what you'll learn in this course and community:

Ileana, Business Development Manager - Italy.
⭐️ Hired within 30 days of enrolling in the program.
"I've found some difficulties to have first interviews for a long time, even applying to job offers 100% aligned to my profile, but after I've attended the Career Strategies Course, the process became smoother and more dynamic. I started to have on average one interview per day: companies responded to my email and applications, my CV was not ignored anymore and my LinkedIn profile - once improved with Fabiana's recommendations - attracted several recruiters."
Claudia, Executive Assistant - Brazil.
⭐️ From zero interviews to 5 job offers in 3 months.
"The sessions with Fabiana helped me assess the readiness with best practice advice on CV and Linkedin profile. She showed me how to reach my objectives and purposes, deal with the algorithms, and succeed in my applications across the platform."

What's included in the Career Strategies Course:

Pre-Recorded Videos

40+ videos with a complete methodology to achieve your mid-career goals. All videos have less than 10 minutes, I know how busy you are, so no bla bla bla from my side. They are straight-to-the-point and still highly inspirational.

Monthly Live Roundtables

Each month during a 12-month period, you get access to a live roundtable. This is the perfect time to discuss your strategies and recalibrate actions. It's a safe place to hold you accountable.

Workbooks, Slide Decks, Ebooks, Templates, Scripts & More

Tons of exclusive materials with a special design made for you. Models and templates to cover letters, CVs, narratives with quantifiable and measurable results, a complete script to interview preparation, slides, video transcriptions, and more!

Downloadable Content

You can download all audio files and written content and save them to your HD or cloud drive. This is to give you freedom of time. You can access everything, anywhere, every time!


And to hold you accountable, we meet in 12 live monthly roundtables to discuss, adjust and recalibrate your strategies.
It's the perfect opportunity to give and take insights into your next steps.
Check out our next roundtable:









Clarice, Risk & Compliance Executive - USA.
⭐️ From invisible to attracting 5x more profile views on LinkedIn.
"The impeccable Career Strategies program has directed me to the right pathway to explore my creativity and offer my expertise without being afraid to be misunderstood. It helped me present myself as a professional and show my analytical, creative, and enthusiastic learning motivation to make a workplace a better place for the entire team and drive growth."
Alana, Copywriter - Brazil.
⭐️ From blurriness to clarity in 6 weeks.
"The concept of "zone of genius" really changed my game and I highly recommend the Career Strategies program if you want a killer resumé and loads of confidence to pursue your dreams. I was positively shocked at the way my experience was highlighted and well put."
The Career Strategies↗ Course is not for you if:
  • You are not willing to put in the effort and do your part to grow.
  • You have less than 10 years of work experience. 
  • You don't believe in social recruiting and are feeling great in your comfort zone.
  • You want individual attention and feedback, not to give and share in a group. 
On the other hand, if you resonate with the following, you're ready to be a L4bber and proud member of the Career Strategies↗ Course:
  • You have always been a badass professional and because of life happening (marriage, divorce, maternity, and so much other stuff) you lost yourself or your self confidence. 
  • You moved to a new country and have either no connections or no clue on how to find a job in your zone of expertise.
  • You have 10+ years of experience but feel stuck and paralyzed where you are with no visibility and recognition.
  • You're a high-voltage professional with a big dream and a lot of passion.
  • You're having a mid-career crisis and need clarity on your next steps.
  • You want to earn more money and get the promotion you've been waiting for and it's never coming.
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Awesome, but what about bonuses?

BONUS 1: LinkedIn Strategic Action Guide (600€ value)

The LinkedIn optimization strategies I apply to my 1:1 clients.

BONUS 2: Email & LinkedIn Messages Templates (30€ value)

Tweak and adapt the email templates and use them in several steps of your job hunting period.

BONUS 3: Custom CV/LinkedIn Profile Critique (300€ value)

Simply email me your CV and link to your LinkedIn profile and I’ll send you my honest feedback and pointers.

Within 4 weeks you could:

  • Recover your professional confidence and get back to the job market, even if your last job interview was 5+ years ago.
  • Lose the fear of failing and finally asking what you want: more money, more flexibility, more responsability, a better team, a promotion - you chose!
  • Be networking with people you don't know yet and use a clear message to express your value and strengths.
  • Let go the impostor syndrome and step up to your next career goal.
  • Feel empowered, capable and inspired to pursue your dreams with everything you need to sell yourself with integrity in your toolbox.

Here is everything you get when you join the Career Strategies↗ Course:


⚪️ The Career Strategies Video Course. – (2100€ - Value).

⚪️ 12 live monthly group round tables. – (657€ - Value).

⚪️  MP3 & PDF download of course material. – (120€ - Value).

⚪️  BONUS: LinkedIn Strategic Portfolio. - (600€ value).

⚪️  BONUS: Email & LinkedIn Messages Templates. - (30€ value).

⚪️  BONUS: Custom CV/LinkedIn Profile Critique. - (300€ value)


The Career Strategies Course is worth well over 3,800€. But you can join today for only 657€.


Fabiane, Independent Legal Consultant - Brazil 
⭐️ From burn-out to empowerment and courage. 
"I feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity of working with Fabiana on the Career Strategies Program. I could not have imagined the turn that she was about to bring to my life. Her expertise, dedication and drive move you to really dedicate yourself to the process of understanding your career as an important part of who you are, and that is what really standouts in this program. I could take a moment to really look back at my work history, my achievements, and, hand to hand with Fabiana, strategize the path ahead of myself. I am sure that anyone can benefit from this program, it only takes the will to take your career plans on your own hands, and Fabiana is the right person to help you on that mission."
Juliette, Data Scientist - Poland
⭐️  From mid-career stagnation to relocating to a new country.
"Fabiana is very competent in the area of personal development and also an inspiring professional. During my experience with the Career Strategies program, she helped me to reflect about the current state of my career and to shape quite a few decisions about how to improve my long-term professional development. I was delighted to work with her because of her experience in the area, dynamism, creativity, commitment and excellent communication skills. I'm very grateful for all her support, guidance and the personalized assistance that she gave to me."

100% 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

But what if you don't like the course?
In our money-back guarantee, you can ask for a refund within 14 days of the purchase date. No questions asked.

Let's get a job offer!

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Don't want the bonuses and live roundtables?

Now - if for some reason you don’t want all three of these bonuses and 12 live roundtables I’m offering you a basic version of the course.

You still get all core videos of the Career Strategies program plus the workbooks, e-books, guides, and tutorials.

But you won’t get access to the live monthly roundtables (you will watch the replays instead), you won’t receive the LinkedIn Action Guide, the Email & LinkedIn Messages Templates and you’re not getting a custom CV/LinkedIn Profile review from me.

  • The Career Strategies Video Course. – (2100€ - Value).
  • MP3 & PDF download of course material. – (120€ - Value).
  • 12 live monthly group round tables. – (657€ - Value).
  • BONUS: LinkedIn Strategic Portfolio. - (600€ value).
  • BONUS: Email & LinkedIn Messages Templates. - (30€ value).
  • BONUS: Custom CV/LinkedIn Profile Critique. - (300€ value)

You can get the basic version of the Career Strategies Program for just one payment of 457€.

The Choice Is Yours

Pick whichever version of the course is right for you!




  • The Career Strategies Video Course. 
  • MP3 & PDF download of course material.
  • 12 live monthly group round tables.
  • BONUS: LinkedIn Strategic Portfolio.
  • BONUS: Email & LinkedIn Messages Templates.
  • BONUS: Custom CV/LinkedIn Profile Critique.




  • The Career Strategies Video Course. 
  • MP3 & PDF download of course material.
  • 12 live monthly group round tables.
  • BONUS: LinkedIn Strategic Portfolio.
  • BONUS: Email & LinkedIn Messages Templates.
  • BONUS: Custom CV/LinkedIn Profile Critique.
Fabiana Leal is a former Finance executive who worked for several multinational companies in different countries.
After more than 15 years of living in the corporate world, in 2019 she swapped spreadsheets and numbers to follow her passion in advising professionals on their careers, something she had been doing for almost 2 decades for friends and colleagues.
She was a corporate executive, so she knows how hiring managers and recruiters think. And that is why her Career Strategies program works.
She is passionate about knowledge and a fast learner with an MBA and a Master's in HR at the Bologna Business School, the most renowned in Italy.
She lives in Italy with her family and is building an international digital business, Career Lab 4IR, to help professionals with more than 10 years of experience be employable in the digital transformation era.
In less than two years, Fabiana has helped almost 100 executives of various nationalities get well-paid jobs and promotions.
She is a tireless coach and mentor with hunger for knowledge and execution. She was featured on Yahoo!Finance as one of the top career coaches to follow in 2020. LinkedIn editors constantly feature Fabiana's posts, recognized as insightful and contribution-driven.
For every newly enrolled student, we're making a donation to support female education in rural Zimbabwe at The Tererai Foundation. Click here to see their projects.