5 Hacks To Start An International Career

I know many of you out there dream about an international career. You probably feel there is a big world to explore, and your life right now is not exactly what you wished for yourself and your family.

But how to escape it and live a respectful international career?

I truly believe that an international career comes together with a growth mindset. You have to believe you’re capable of learning and adapting to different cultures and work realities. And I guarantee you, that is not as easy as it may sound.

A fundamental thing you must consider learning is a new language. There is no shortcut here, effectively learning a second or third language will make your life easier in an international company, as well as in terms of your career path development.

Another point to consider is your employer. If you are right now in a small family business, but your dream is big, you should start creating a strategy for changing your job. And by that, I mean with or without your current...

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7 Ideas for Start Posting on LinkedIn

linkedin Jun 02, 2021

Last week I created a post from my mobile and got the following message on the app:

No alt text provided for this image

That automatically rang a bell. LinkedIn is dying to get your content. Or do you get alarms from other social media to remind you of using them? 

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been career counseling various people from different verticals, professions, education, and social backgrounds. What is their biggest block when it comes to LinkedIn? It’s definitely how to start posting here.

Many find it painful to be active and generating content. Others feel comfortable but have no clue how to start. 

Generating content and engaging in others’ posts may be too overwhelming. Exposing personal opinion, stories, and being open to receiving comments and critique naturally frighten human beings.

In general, this is my perspective for professionals when it comes to content creation on LinkedIn:


Jobseekers: no need to engage here. Work on your all-star profile QUALITY. Remember,...

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How to Maximize Your Income

career strategies May 31, 2021

Unfortunately, personal finance is not a subject taught at school. It means that it’s absolutely normal to struggle with money issues as an adult. When it comes to your career development, not being able to properly manage your personal finance can actually be the ultimate block that is preventing you from progressing in your career. 

If you are climbing the corporate ladder right now, it’s very likely that your income is coming from your salary. If you’re more advanced, it means that you may have also some investments, probably thinking forward about your retirement or emergency funds.

But let’s assume that your one and only source of income is your corporate salary. And how to maximize your income?

I will introduce you to another financial concept before addressing this question. You must understand the meaning of earnings. Earnings are the result of income minus expenditure. This is not rocket science, this is a very basic Mathematic calculation....

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What Makes a Good Leader

career strategies May 28, 2021

Throughout my corporate life, I had 16 direct managers or directors. I lived between hell and heaven with them. 

To be honest, only 2 out of those 16 I recall as the best leaders. When I think about them and what they had that made them such great leaders are skills and characteristics that can definitely be learned and practiced.

Check out some of them:



It takes time and results to build trust. Good leaders tell exactly their expectations about someone’s work and give freedom and autonomy when needed to those prepared for that. They know their teams very well and can easily decide who needs more supervision than others. They prepare teams to succession, expose their results, and help them correct mistakes and make it better the next time. 



Good leaders are not afraid of being replaced. They are eager to find well-prepared professionals who will enable them to achieve targets and get the work done. They nominate...

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How To Restart After Being Let Go

I know how tough it feels to be let go. I had this experience years ago when worked for a large corporation. I will tell you my perspective of what happened on that day and how that event drove a major mindset and career shift to me.

I went back to work after my second maternity leave and on the very first day, at the very first hour, BOOM... “we’re sorry to say but the projects are frozen and since we managed things here without you, we have to let you go.”

What happened after was a period of depression, a deep sadness for not feeling enough. I felt rejected and incompetent. I cursed my former bosses and digested that news very slowly in the following weeks.

From that experience, I can tell exactly what worked out well and what didn’t help at all. The negative thoughts that populated my mind made me really sad. It was like breaking up a relationship. 

I thought I was a terrible professional, that no other company would hire me. I cried when I saw the...

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Landing A Corporate Job In A New Country

digital job hunting May 24, 2021

There is something good about being a Brazilian in Europe. I know what a financial crisis is. Actually, I know what multiple crises are and all the dramatic consequences they have on people. Probably the biggest one is pessimism. 

When I decided to end my sabbatical period after moving to Italy, this is what I heard the most from random people I met: “Italy was into its worst economic crisis, and unemployment was hitting super high levels.”

Actually, when I pulled out Italy’s unemployment rate, the situation was quite the opposite for 2018. That’s already one big lesson: always check what people say and fear. 

I met textile business owners who said their businesses were bleeding because of the Chinese competition - even though China is the most significant world player - just check the label of your sweater and read where it was made...

I heard senior Italians telling me in Italian that my “too modern and optimistic” mindset was not...

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How To Apply For A Job Without A CV

cv digital job hunting May 21, 2021

A couple of days ago, I was researching some job boards, and I found a job post with the following description:

How to apply

We don’t need resumes, we care about who you are today, what you have achieved so far and where you want to go. And we don’t believe in time-consuming cover letters. We believe asking you specific questions is easier than writing a cover letter.

So, What is your primary reaction to this call to action? Are you excited or frightened? 

Let’s breakdown this application process into 3 pillars to understand what this company really wants to access.

Self Awareness

Based on the extract “...we care about who you are today...”, it’s implicit that your self-awareness is crucial here. 

There is a great free test that you can take to help you find out your coefficient of Emotional Intelligence. Self-awareness is one of its components, you can dive into its concept:

The core of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness....
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Stop Procrastinating At The Pandemic

cv May 19, 2021

I may be the procrastination queen. It’s probably what gives me all the authority I need to write about this topic.

I don’t know about you, but when I have tons of tasks to do - and that is almost every day - I tend not even to get started. I’ve been fighting procrastination for years, and just recently I’ve been able to start changing this state of being.

The rationale behind it is pretty simple. My mind gets bored just to think about the massive tedious actions I have to start doing. The pandemic has turned my procrastination trait worst because days are repetitive. Anxiety is the other component that when added to procrastination, making everything else more challenging. I have tried many techniques to stop procrastination, and the worst of them was the one that says to start with the most boring task. Seriously? I don’t know how that works for anyone!!

What works for me is pretty simple. I keep 3 goals a day. I borrowed that from the...

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5 Personal Marketing Ideas For Job Hunters

There is something I hear almost weekly from my clients. They usually say they are not good at selling themselves at work and that it becomes even worse when job hunting.

There are several reasons why one can feel personal marketing is not their thing. The common beliefs are:

  • Focusing on competencies that you don't have instead of your strengths and current skillset.
  • Comparing yourself to others all the time.
  • Living by what others would think of you if you show off.
  • Believing you are not enough - there is always one missing certificate or experience.
  • General complaining about how terrible your job is, but doing nothing to change due to fear of leaving the comfort zone.

I found a great definition of what personal marketing is in this blog:

Personal marketing is composed by a set of strategies that aim to enhance your professional and personal characteristics. It is not about creating a fake profile, but highlighting the aspects that are more relevant about you and the work you are...

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Working Moms: Between Heaven and Hell

working moms May 14, 2021

So you graduated from college, got a fantastic corporate job, and years later found the love of your life and got married. As a couple, you started building your dream life, a nice car, a beautiful house, and amazing vacation trips.

But then, for some reason, you still feel something is missing. You realize your 30tish-year old friends are getting pregnant, and although motherhood hadn't crossed your mind with that strength before, it seems you're approaching that portal.

An imaginary portal, where a family is waiting for you and the feeling that you can have it all: the life partner, the job, the house, the car, the trips and.... kids!

You're scared from the inside of your soul, but the clock is ticking, and it's time to start facing it: mother nature is waiting for you but not for so many years anymore.

You decide and embark on the motherhood journey, not really ready to cross that portal but certain about the timing. You opt-in for raising new life to your existence, either from...

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