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What is Wrong With Your Online Application

digital job hunting Jun 11, 2021
Tips for Your Online Application

Are you constantly rejected after applying online? You’re not alone. There are so many technicalities to take care of nowadays. Competition is increasing and what you did in the past is not what will take you forward anymore. 

Here is a summary of what I talked about in episode 8 of Live Mondays.

Let’s check the 4 pillars of online recruiting processes.

1. Automation

• What: ATS - Applicant Tracking System.

• Why: time and money optimization.

• How: first CV screening to organize and harmonize your data; easier to be read.

• Where: almost all Fortune 100 (the USA and Europe).

• Curiosity: the largest ATS in the world is LinkedIn.


2. CV Checklist

• ATS-proof CV/resume: select all, Ctrl C, then ctrl V on a plain text document (notepad). Check if your data is understandable. If not, rework your template.

• General rule: 1 page for entry-levels and 2 pages for the rest. 

• Identify keywords on job posts and use them in your CV/resume.

• Add hard and soft skillset with underlying sentences with evidence of your skills.

• State at least 2 measurable achievements per each work experience. Use the X-Y-Z model.

• Get specific: remove experiences prior to 15 years ago.


3. Economic Crisis

• What: recession and retraction.

• Why: change in consumer behavior due to circulation restrictions.

• How: less money circulating, fewer products being manufactured/produced.

• Where: everywhere.

• Curiosity: create opportunities. Learn how to connect the dots about the new consumer behaviors. Unite it to your strengths and transferrable skills.


4. Your Attitude

• Comparison with others won’t help. Focus on your contribution, what value you add to your potential employer?

• Have a strategy with well-defined career goals.

• It’s not about how many applications you sent, but why your profile would be a match for the open job.

• Financial disruption can be a great motivator for trying out new strategies.

In conclusion, don’t be so hard on yourself and remember each rejection makes you closer to your next job. Be persistent and congruent.



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