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10 Things Robots Screen on Your CV

digital job hunting Mar 28, 2021
10 Things Robots Screen on Your CV

It’s Monday morning, and you have just turned your computer on to start working. After responding to e-mails, attending some meetings, and getting the work done, you sighed and started to scroll job boards looking for your next job.

You feel unmotivated in your current job, not because of your salary, but because of the lack of recognition. Your eyes are rapidly reading dozens of job ads until you find one that is absolutely perfect for you. 

You click the link to apply for that amazing job with that old CV you made more than one year ago. The job ad says you can add a cover letter, but why lose time with that, your CV is enough, and you have to go back to work.

And that’s it. Nothing will happen afterward because you’re probably not hearing back from that company.

There are several reasons you should start understanding the modern recruiting processes, especially in large corporations.

To illustrate the process, think about a funnel. After you hit the submit button, your CV enters a funnel together with dozens, hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of others.



Imagine that you applied for a position in a large and well-structured company. They have a team with recruiters that are either sourcing for candidates on social media and referrals or getting notifications from their recruiting software.



So let’s take a closer look at that software. How does it work?

First of all, this type of software is called ATS (Applicant Tracking System). They are not a new thing in HR. In fact, ATS has been used since the beginning of the internet around the ’90s. They came in when corporations started creating their homepages and used them as job boards. 

ATS applications in the recruitment industry include the ability to automate the recruitment process through a defined workflow. By the way, each stage of the workflow can be one little step you’re moving in the recruiters’ funnel.

Most job and resume boards (Reed Online, LinkedIn, Monster, Hotjobs, CareerBuilder, Indeed, etc) have partnerships with ATS software providers to provide parsing support and easy data migration from one system to another.

On the other side, there are several ATS in the market, to illustrate, 3 of them are: Jobvite, SuccessFactors Recruiting from SAP, and RecruiterBox.

They exist to save time and money for recruiters/companies. The great transformation happening right now is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for speeding up the hiring process.

Hiring managers usually are in a hurry to onboard their desired resources. Recruiters are overloaded all day with activities and need automation to gain agility in their daily life.

The ATS is a good solution for both. Your CV entered the candidate funnel and will be screened by a machine in seconds.


What is the ATS screening?


  1. Skills and Keywords.
  2. Job Title.
  3. Education.
  4. Section Headings.
  5. Date Formating.
  6. Word Count.
  7. Measurable Results.
  8. Seniority.
  9. Digital Presence.
  10. Inferences About You.


After this super-fast screening, the ATS will score your CV by a match rate. Since there are several types of ATS in the market, the match rate is likely calculated based on the frequency match of the skills, keywords, job title, seniority, and education level between the job description and your CV.

Your CV will remain in the funnel if the match rate is higher than the ATS threshold. It’s quite logical and straightforward. 

What comes next will vary according to the workflow inside the company. There can be behavioral and technical assessments, screening calls, hiring role plays, business case solving, etc. All in all, you are going to be assessed in many forms before you move into the funnel.

This can be a long and painful phase in the selection process, especially if you’re unemployed. It can take weeks to move small steps. The position can also be canceled, postponed, or stay on hold.

 To conclude, I hope you understood the big picture when it comes to workflows in recruiting and the use of ATS for CV screening and process organization for companies. I believe that understand the technology and how it works is the key to landing your next job.

Let me know if this post was helpful in your job hunting period :)

Let's rock 🤟🏽

Fabiana Leal 




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