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mid-career growth show midlife career development mindset shift Nov 18, 2022

How strong is your women's network?

When it comes to career advancement, it is already proven that women's networks help women advance their careers.

It has a ripple effect - if you hear people talking about their stories, successes, and failures, they'll inspire you.
In this video, you'll learn:
• Why is it important to be part of a women's network.
• How female representation of success impacts your career growth.
• What makes women lose motivation in their corporate careers.
So just as an example here of why representation matters, I remember when I started my career as an intern in a corporation. Once I was reading their corporate magazine and remember I saw a picture of the board members.
They were all 60+ white males. On that day, I strongly believed that I'd never get a high position in that company. I was never going to be a manager or a director. I was just an intern, which happened early in my career.
I believed I was not allowed to be successful for years mainly because I didn't see any powerful women succeeding in that company.
Fast forward 20 years now, and we live in this amazing digital era. It's not so tough to find a digital women empowerment network. And if you can't find them, you can start your own women's network.
A women's network is important in our career advancement because we feel safer when discussing our feelings and fears. When we are together in a female community, no man will interrupt us (as constantly happens in the corporate world).
It's already scientifically proven also that 50% of the women in the workforce lose their motivation after two years of joining a corporation. Two years!! They prefer to do something else, usually in a less competitive environment, and don't give much attention to growth and financial independence.
Food for thought, isn't it?
Think about your career advancement: you are the average of the five people close to you.
I believe that powerful women networks can help narrow the gender gap in our world.
Let's rock, ladies.

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