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mid-career growth show salary negotiation Jan 20, 2023

Should you be in a recruiting process even if this company is not disclosing salary ranges?

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Let's start by first understanding why companies prefer not to disclose salary ranges on job posts.
Many years ago, I read the book "What Color is Your Parachute" by Richard Bolles. By then, I had a corporate career in Finance and was struggling to make more money. 
The lesson I learned that was completely life-changing was that never be the first one to say a number on a salary negotiation table.
Nobody knows why, but the first person to say a number will always be at a disadvantage, especially regarding salary negotiation.
What companies are doing nowadays, not disclosing salary ranges, is because they don't want to lose their power of bargaining with you! 
Another reason would be that they don't want to expose their pay ranges to competitors.
However, some large companies are beginning to disclose salary ranges on job posts. Microsoft USA decided to disclose the salaries on their job openings in 2022.
 I see this as a very positive sign because I'm in favor of the company disclosing salary ranges already on job openings!
What Microsoft started will be highly impactful because they are the owner of LinkedIn as well. Who knows if they will also start a movement with their clients, the ones that create job posts, so they also start disclosing salary ranges to the public?
Returning to your reality, remember that when you have no idea about salary ranges, research is the key to moving on.
Glassdoor can be a helpful tool, and if you're based in Europe, job openings from Austria usually have salary ranges information. 
Those are two powerful sources for your target salary research! 

Let's rock!

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