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mid-career growth show salary negotiation Nov 25, 2022

Do you think it's normal that a recruiter asks you for pay slips before sending you a job offer? 

In this post, you'll learn: 
• Why do employers worry about you disclosing your salary to recruiters.
• When to yellow flag a request from a recruiter.
• Why disclosing your salary in an early selection stage contributes to the gender pay gap.

From my perspective, if a recruiter asks you for a payslip before offering you something or even before you do the money talk, I'd just yellow flag it. To me, this is not okay!
It is somehow a sign that they don't trust you or they have some insecurities (of theirs). 
This is not a good approach from the recruiter side to a candidate. I really believe this is also one of the problems that cause the gender pay gap.
Here is the logic: they just expect you to show your pay slip, and then they can offer you some five to ten percent more. 
Be careful with those approaches and if you don't feel comfortable, never disclose any personal document in a selection process.
There is also another consequence or another fact regarding this issue. Some employers don't want their employees to disclose such personal and also strategic information about their payroll. 
So be careful about sensitive information you are disclosing to someone you don't know. 
Take a look at your work contract, your employers' HR policies, and if you're employed, and check the boundaries and if you can disclose your salary.
I'm telling you that because sometimes recruiters approach people in the workplace to check how much they earn. They also want to do some other strategic research and so on. We never know. So you have to be very careful with this kind of sensitive information.
And when it comes to the gender pay gap, there are several cases in the world where women are doing the same job, with more or the same qualifications as a male colleague, are earning less and less money. 
Quite recently, Google announced that they will pay more than 100 million dollars in a settlement, a dispute because of the difference in the salaries between female and male workers doing the same job and earning different salaries.
We know this is a problem. We know that it exists.
I think this is also the employer's responsibility, to be fair.  
When it comes to disclosing your personal information, especially your salary and payslips, and this kind of sensitive information, just put your yellow flag first. If the thing is not developing the way you want, then put your red flag on it. 
Maybe this is not the right company for you if they don't trust you from the very beginning or if they want to bargain your value.
If you were my client, I would say be careful with this employer. Let's rock, ladies.

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