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mid-career growth show midlife career development salary negotiation Jan 06, 2023

Got a promotion but no money talk yet?

In this video, you'll learn: 
• How to negotiate if a company officially does not give raises.
• What to bring to the table while having the money talk.
• Why communication is essential to get a pay raise. 

First of all, congratulations! You were promoted! That's awesome. But still, no mentions about a pay rise? 
Some companies don't give pay raises when promoting people because they want the person to acclimate to the function and decide whether they will stay there. Then after some time (maybe a lot of time), they will raise your salary.
Fair or unfair, I'm not here to judge employers but to provide strategies if you want a pay raise but haven't discussed it yet.
Knowing what you want is the first thing you must work on, and then how to measure your performance and deliveries to achieve precisely what you (and them) want. 
Focus on quick wins! Every function has a road map. You are experienced enough to know what you have to do.
Think about your higher management goals and come up with solutions for them. So when you are designing strategies and reaching those goals quickly, Management will recognize you. This is when money is coming for you! 
But if you already deliver many results for this employer and nothing changes, you're not getting the money; maybe it's time to set boundaries!
You can try several things internally before starting to job search; improving communication with the management team, changing areas, business lines, etc.
No one is going to negotiate your interests and salary on your behalf! 
Go it's relevant to know exactly the quick wins you can deliver before going to any negotiation table and demanding a pay raise!
Let's rock!

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