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mid-career growth show midlife career development smartcv® writing Jan 13, 2023

If you are a freelancer or consultant, do you think having your CV updated is necessary?

In this video, you'll learn: 
• How to upgrade a freelancer or consultant CV.
• Freelancer CV update Checklist.
• What to showcase on a freelancer's CV.

You, a freelancer or independent consultant, may think you don't need a CV anymore. You are used to people telling others about how good you are, and this is how you get clients.
Well, even though it's been working for you, someone may ask you for your CV at some point! And if it's outdated, you will have to be very fast to update it...
Here is a checklist you can run on your cv and review if it's consistent with what the market wants.
- Keep it simple. Show your clients' results (ask permission to publish their names) 
- Headline and summary 
- Your Core Competencies 
- Numbers everywhere: core competencies and work experience.
- Add a link to your digital portfolio.
Don't wait another day, be prepared and start your CV upgrade today!
Let's rock!

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