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job hunting strategies mid-career growth show mindset shift Aug 19, 2022

Do you ever wonder whether you should apply for a job even if you don’t have all the requirements?

When it comes to what is written in job posts I have the impression that whoever writes them wants to hire superheroes!

No wonder candidates are overwhelmed with anxiety just for reading job posts. The feeling of inadequacy, of not being enough, may paralyze you from taking action. And without action, nothing is done. There is no growth.

Here is a simple tactic you can try the next time you read a job post:
>> List job requirements on a table (word or excel work out well for this task)
>> Add a column with a YES/NO and evaluate to which extent you have that competency they require.

The goal is to weigh and measure in a straight-to-the-point way how much you are adherent to the job opening.

Let’s say that if you have an 80% matching rate, you can totally apply for the position.

I’ve been there myself and got to convince a headhunter that I was the best candidate, even though the employer wanted a technical skill I didn’t have. I was hired and performed the job really well because I learned the missing skill very quickly on the job.

Emphasize what you’re best at, instead of justifying what is missing from your experience or skills!

In this video you’ll learn:
• Should you apply for a position if you don’t have all the skills/requirements.
• How to find out if you’re a good candidate for a job position.
• Why companies avoid hiring overqualified candidates.
• How to analyze job posts and check requirements.
• Are you overqualified or underqualified for a job?
• Are you a fit for a job opportunity.

Let’s rock 🤘🏽

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