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5 Ways To Boost Your Networking Skills On LinkedIn

digital job hunting linkedin May 12, 2021
Ways To Boost Your Networking Skills On LinkedIn

Many of my clients identify networking as being among the opportunities for boosting their careers. I'd say that roughly 80% of them rate their network as weak and blame the quality of their connections as the main reason for not networking with them.

But let's think about it for a minute.

If you recognize that your network is weak, what you could possibly do to improve it?

The answer to that question goes from how to expand your network of connections to how to measure the quality of your network. Then we can start talking about building trust in relationships.

So let me be straight to the point and give you 5 ways to boost your networking skills. All of them are designed to be done by using LinkedIn. After all, we are living in the digital transformation era!  


5 Ways To Boost Your Networking Skills On LinkedIn


1. Keep your profile up to date and your contact details complete.

It seems obvious, I know. But it's common to find people with outdated profiles. If you were made let go and is not ready to tell your network your looking for your next job, it's ok. But if it happened more than 6 months ago, it's about time to leave it behind and move on.

Work on your profile and if you're job hunting add your target role as current experience. By doing that, your profile will look attractive to the algorithm. 

And if you want to call the attention of your connections, leave the notifications to your network button "on". The outcome is that you're going to receive some congratulations for the new role, and you can use that as a hook to reply privately to your connection and tell them you're actually open to work. This is a way to engage in conversations that can add value to you and to them as well.


2. Interact with your connections through comments and likes.

If some of your connections are actively sharing articles and posts, remember to comment on their activity. This is how you can express your opinion and enter thoughtful discussions. Commenting in other posts is an effective way to add value to your existing network and also expand your own network. It's very common that after reading your comments, other people would be interested in connecting or following you.

3. When you post, tag people or companies.

Assuming you read something insightful and want to share it on LinkedIn, you can do even more. Tag people that would enjoy the reading or even tag companies. That action will call their attention to your profile and activity and it can lead to interesting discussions.


4. When you go to an event, lecture, or professional seminar, connect with the speaker or event organizer.

That's such a classical way to grow your network with interesting people! We're living the webinar's era. When you attend any, at least look for the keynote speaker's profile and send a connection request by adding a note. 

Check out this template:

Hey [name], Thank you for the [name of the webinar]. I had amazing insights from your content. It'd be a pleasure to connect here. My best, [your name]

It won't hurt, right? Remember that what can happen in the worst case? Nothing! That's the point, and you have nothing to lose as well.


5. Accept new connections, establish relationships, and exchange knowledge.

Regular use and user interactions and engagement are the main drivers of visibility propulsion for your profile. This is how the algorithm considers you active and attractive and puts you in the VIP queue of recruiters, for example.


If you have your eye on an opening at a specific company, check your network to see if there are any connections working there and make contact to learn more about the selection process, the opportunity, and the company.


Leave your ego and shame aside and ask for help. Usually, connections help each other and this is what keeps the network active. Stay open to the wonderful future you have ahead!

Good networking!


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