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5 Visibility Tips on LinkedIn

linkedin personal branding May 10, 2021
5 Visibility Tips On Linkedin

Are you really sure you want to be more visible on LinkedIn?

I'm asking that to you because I've been observing a standard behavior among people who reach me out wanting help to re-brand their professional presence on LinkedIn.

I see super talented and high-achieving professionals looking for external validation and not believing in their potential.

You may be wondering this is too much, right? After all, LinkedIn is just a professional window shop, where you exhibit your work experience and skills and wait to be "bought"by a hiring company.

If you think like that, I partially agree with you. I really think LinkedIn is the place to show off your best talents, professional experience, and, mainly, your public reputation.

But I think there is even more there to be explored. That extra mile is possible to be run, but it will depend on your will to take action and think and move forward by focusing on what you want for your life and career.


5 Visibility Tips on LinkedIn


1. Group conversations

Join interesting groups and Interact with insightful comments. Your contribution to others is the key of an authentic personal brand. Remember also that social recruiting is about finding the best talents by using social media. Recruiters and headhunters who are sourcing for talents love to read more about what you know and professional expertise.

2. Engagement 

Like / Comment posts of your connections and company pages you’re interested in. If a recruiter uses a special license to find talents, they will have access to your activity towards the hiring company's page on LinkedIn. That can be something to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

 3. Adjust Your Privacy Settings

 You must be visible to be found by a recruiter regardless of their LinkedIn license type. Not all recruiters have a special LinkedIn license to find talents. Do your homework and let your profile be accessed and viewed by people out of your network reach. Don't focus on disbelief and on what others will think about you.

4. Always reach out to a recruiter who visited your profile 

Remember that more than 60% of job openings are never posted. There are several reasons behind and you must take the opportunity to reach people that view your profile. Adapt this template: “Thanks for visiting my profile. Were you looking for something specific? Or did you land in my profile by accident? May I help you?” 

 5. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Headline / Summary / Skills / Recommendations, etc. Work on each section by adding tons of keywords and some of your accomplishments.

To be honest, you can have the best profile optimization, but at the end of the day, if you are living up to others' expectations, you may feel insecure and ashamed to show yourself. That's a problem, and you probably won't get the results you want if you think and act like that.

The problem is that even though you want to change your job or get a promotion, your motivation to do that is based on scarcity and the fear of losing (a job, reputation, you name it!), other than showing others what you're really capable of doing.

I can help you unblock your actions, find your authenticity and finally start using LinkedIn strategically.

My LinkedIn in-7 Crash Course is all about understanding some technical aspects of the algorithm and using them to reshape and transform your profile. We then move to actions and strategies you can apply to find people and be found by recruiters, hiring managers, and headhunters.

Last Thursday, I received positive feedback from a Brazilian client, a senior executive assistant (50+ years old). She went from depression after being fired in 2020 to a positive mindset and fully booked schedule with interviews. I’m thrilled that she allowed me to contribute to her success. She participated in the in-7 with the December group and is now focused and taking massive actions to reach her goals.

Check out a translation of her feedback messages from my WhatsApp:

Check out when my next LinkedIn mentoring group starts here or join the waiting list. The first session is the live kick-off, then you get one video per day, with worksheets and video transcript. You can also download the audio and make your podcast with all my content. 

The group is active for 1 week of daily activities. After that, you still have 53 days to access the platform and the course, whenever and from wherever you want (notebook, cell phone, tablet), if you do not want to take the group actions in the first week.

The coolest part is that it is a gamified course! That is, if you do the in-7 Challenge, the actions that I propose in the first week, you can still win a free coaching session with me.

Anyway, it's my way of helping you to direct your actions in a very accurate way and with my support by email for 60 days and live group in 2 sessions. Enter the sales page to learn more and get even into more details at

Let's rock!




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