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mid-career growth show smartcv® writing Sep 16, 2022

Are you tired of having your job applications automatically rejected?

Think that algorithms and automation replace repetitive and low-value work for corporations. when it comes to recruiting, it’s not difficult to imagine how repetitive it is for a person to daily open hundreds of CVs for scan reading. This is where the ATS serves at its best.

In this video you’ll learn:
• What ATS means.
• How does an ATS screen your CV.
• 10 tips to optimize your CV.
• What to have on your CV and what to move to LinkedIn.
• How to write your CV summary.
• What the ATS extracts from your CV.

The ATS facilitates the recruiter’s life in terms of time consumption and assertiveness. ATS is an algorithm or a set of them that extract data from files and organize them as information in tables.

It is much easier for the human eye to read harmonized tables, instead of looking for information by opening one CV at a time. That’s what an ATS does, it organizes and harmonizes data.

What is the issue then with the ATS? Well, you can imagine that there are several ATS options in the world. And there are some that eventually run with some machine learning and artificial intelligence in the background.

It means that it can do beyond data organization and harmonization. It can be trained to look up measurable results, keywords, infer age, and genre, and also suggest to the recruiter if a CV should be excluded from that specific recruiting process. All of this is done in seconds.

95% of the Fortune100 companies use ATS for CV screening. It is a reality of the fourth industrial revolution that can’t be ignored. Instead of feeling frustrated about it, work on your CV by optimizing it for ATS screening. I promise it’s not that hard.

Let’s rock 🤘🏽

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