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Quick Win in 3 Steps:

3 Keys To Visibility

Where to Start From and How to Optimize Them. (easy and painless things you must do)

Search Engine Optimization

Use Keywords Relevant to Your Mid-Career Target. (learn a quick way to find them)


Be Visible Without Posting. (your boss will never know)

Let's be visible on LinkedIn and get job interviews this month!

These are some of the quick wins included in this FREE guide:

  • Raise the attention of recruiters and headhunters and get invites to job interviews.
  • Start optimizing your LinkedIn profile on a quiet mode, without making noise in your network.
  • Attract interesting profile views by using the right keywords for you.
  • Find out what's there for you on the job market, even if your last job interview was 5+ years ago.
  • Work on your strategy 10 minutes a day and watch your views double within 1 week.

I (Fabiana Leal) teach mid-career strategies to international women every day. This is what I do and what I know. Landing a job right now in the digital transformation era requires your presence and action on LinkedIn. I've worked with almost 100 people on the past 2 years and all of them more than doubled their profile views. Many got job interviews and changed jobs. It's your time to start too!


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